About Brook International

Inauguration of Jubilee Block

Inauguration of Jubilee Block

The School

Brook international School (BIS) is located on the banks of the beautiful fresh water lake of Sasthamcotta. This school, which is owned and managed by the VIVA Trust under the chairmanship of Rev. Dr. Abraham Thalothil, got affiliated in the year 2007, to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi as per CBSE Code – 930 717. It has also been upgraded to Senior Secondary level in the year 2012.

The VIVA Trust is dedicated and committed to the society through Quality and Value Based Education.


BIS  is spread across an area of 5.4 acres, on the banks of the largest fresh water lake in Kerala. It is 12 kms east of the

Biology Lab

Biology Lab

National Highway from Karunagapally, 18 kms south west of MC Road, Adoor and only 2 km from the Sasthamcotta Railway Station. Hence providing easy connectivity to the rest of the state.


Our goals are aimed at empowering our children to achieve excellence not only in academics but also in extra curricular activities like sports, painting, music and dance. We also try and bring out leadership qualities in a child by allowing them to organize and take part in various activities and events held at the school.


Our vision is to mould our future citizens in such a manner that they become exemplary torchbearers to other people.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Lab

Hence we have adopted unique international cognitive processing methods and techniques in teaching – keeping mind our traditional and ethnic values.


Our, state-of-the-art, infrastructure includes, spacious and scientifically designed classrooms, well equipped Science Labs, Wi-Fi connected Library, Audio Visual centres (E-Labs), Networked computer system, Conference facilities etc. In keeping with the present times, E-learning has been assimilated as part of the teaching process.

We also have a very spacious play ground where children are trained in football, volleyball, basket ball, badminton and

E-Learning Class

E-Learning Class

roller skating. Regular Yoga and Karate classes keep our students mentally and physically fit. For the tiny tots we have an attractive children’s park.

Various clubs like G.K., Reading, Energy, Nature etc. that function in the school, help in the all round development of the child.

English speaking and vocabulary is given special emphasis and as such writing the ‘Word Bank’ book and the ‘Weekly Diary’ has become a habit with the Brookites.


Periodical medical check ups are conducted in the school, giving special attention to

Foreign Faculty

Foreign Faculty with Brookites

the child’s eyesight, hearing and dental care.


Children today are overly stressed due to peer pressure as well as pressure from over anxious parents. To tackle this problem we have special counseling rooms and counselors in our school.


Our team consists of experienced, dedicated, post graduate and graduate teachers with training in education and excellent command in English. The KG Section is facilitated by Montessori trained teachers who excel themselves with their dynamism and commitment. Timely refresher courses helps the teachers in keeping track with the ever changing technology and education systems.

Faculties of foreign institutions in Europe, U.K., & U.S.A. have periodical interactions with our staff and students which

Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes

open up a wider vision and perspective.


  • The courses – offered are from Kinder Garten to XII as per the CBSE Syllabus.
  • Examination – four examinations held each year : Two Class Assessments and two Summative Assessments.In addition to this weekly test papers are conducted for all subjects.
  • Second Language – Hindi. Malayalam is compulsory for all classes.
  • Promotion –  is granted on the basis of the Formative and Summative Assessments.
  • Admission
  1. Admission is based on the scores of the Entrance Test except for KG.

    The Scouts team

    The Scouts team

  2.   Minimum age of admission to LKG is 3 years and to Std I is 5 years as on the 1st of June of the year of admission.
  3.   Students seeking admission from other states/countries should produce T.C. duly countersigned by the competent educational authorities/ embassies as the case may be.
  4.  Withdrawal/ T.C. – requires advance application signed by the parent/guardian. In case of withdrawal/admission in the middle of the year, fees for the entire year should be remitted. T.C. will be  issued only after such dues are cleared. The Principal reserves the right to ask a parent to withdraw their ward in case he/she is unable to comply with the discipline or cope up with the curriculum of the school.
  • Fees : Tuition fees will be collected in advance in four instalments as follows:
    The Karate Team

    The Karate Team

    • 1st  Instalment fee – before 20th May
    • 2nd Instalment fee – before 20th August
    • 3rd Instalment fee – before 20th November
    • 4th Instalment fee – before 20th January

A fine of Re. 1/- will be levied per day after the due date. The defaulters for more than 3 months will not be allowed to sit in the class. Fees for any item, once paid will not be refunded.


  • Dr. M.C. Philipose, Retd. Principal, TKM College of Engineering, Karicode, Kollam.

    Our Football Team

    Our Football Team

  • Dr. B. Janardhanan Pillai, Former Principal, DB College, Sasthamcotta.
  • Prof. C.K.Felix, Retd. Principal, FMN College, Kollam.
  • Dr. Sumithran, Chairman, Padmavathy Medical Foundation, Sasthamcotta.
  • Sri. Alphonse Pathrose, Chartered Accountant.
  • Dr. Jaya Thekkayyam, HoD, Dept. of English, FMN College, Kollam.
  • Adv. H.Remanan, Legal Advisor.